Exhibition options

The Feria Internacional Colombia Nautica will display three exhibition areas that can adapt to different types of exhibitors, whether is indoor, outdoor or water slips for boats, with all proper services to guarantee a successful participation in the show.

Terraza de las Animas: this outdoor area is fully protected by a tent to cover visitors and exhibitors from rain or sun and located just of the waters of the Bahia de las Animas, will host 4×4 mts (13 x 13ft) booths, food and beverage point as well as Marea Restaurant, one of the most prestigious in Colomia. People will be allowed to go comfortably around and appreciate different products displayed at the show and also access the boats in the water through floatable docks.

Claustro de las Animas: indoor space with air condiniting that will have 3×3 mts (10 x 10 ft) and 6 x 4 mts (19 x 13 ft) booths. It will feature a food and beverage bar as well as resting areas. At the Pegasos room, workshops and informative sessions will be hold during the show.

Explanada San Francisco: with wide outdoor spaces and the most visible área of the convention center, this area will host up to 20 exhibitors in 6×4 mts (19 x 13 ft) spaces or tailor made spaces by square meter. A tent will provide protection against the weather.

This area will feature a deejay, food and beverage area, kids zone and will also served as main entrance to the show.